What customer service skills should a call center agent have?

To work in a call center, it is necessary to have basic skills. There are many reasons why a customer might contact the customer service department of their service provider. Some of these reasons can be unpleasant and others pleasant. Thus, the agent must be prepared for any eventuality in order to appease and satisfy the customer. This article will give you some necessary skills for a call center agent.


Patience must be the first virtue of the agent who works in a customer service call center. This is because it allows him to find the right words to appease the angry customer. As mentioned in the introduction, some customers may call about long-standing problems with an unpleasant tone. In this case, the agent's primary goal is to reassure the customer that the problem has been resolved. The most important thing is to take care to listen to the customer. Apart from patience, empathy is also a very important skill, especially for unhappy customers. In fact, to successfully change the aggressive mood of the subscriber who is online, you need to cushion it with words like "I understand". You can also say "rest assured, we'll probably find a solution".

The Opportunity

It is important not to confuse patience with slowness. The agent needs to be fast to have the opportunity to take other requests to limit the queue. In customer service, some are paid on the percentage of their average call handling time which is a very important indicator. For exceptional handling cases, you can offer callbacks to better assist your customer.


The agent's speech must be fluid and clear. He or she must be able to strike a balance between using professional vocabulary and giving in-depth answers to be accessible and conversational. The goal here is relevance of information and accuracy, all while being directive. The customer should not feel like they are talking to a robot. Secondly, the agent must master the products and services in order not to lose credibility in the eyes of the subscriber. 

From all of the above, the skills listed above will help the agent to satisfy the customer.