Visitax: who has to pay it in Cancun?

Looking for a place to spend your vacation? Cancun is one of the most appreciated destinations! This popular region in Mexico is known for its marvelous beaches, crystal clear sea and mind-blowing nightlife. However, in order to support the development of tourism in Cancun, the government has decided to set a visitor tax -Visitax, on foreign tourists!

What is Visitax?

Visitax is a mandatory tax that has been imposed, lately in April 2021, by the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is applicable to every foreign visitor which means that you have to pay your Cancun tax Mexico before accessing the region. 
In fact, you have to show evidence of your payment-that is generally a QR code sent to you after the payment. However, even if you receive your payment confirmation through an electronic message, you should always keep a paper copy of it.

Who has to pay the new Visitax?

Everyone heading to, or leaving, Cancun has to pay the new tourism tax Visitax. It may be travelers in transit or foreigners coming to Cancun for business purposes. The tax is also applicable to every international traveler who visits the region for its beautiful places and fun activities. 
Nevertheless, tourism and businesses are not the only reason to pay the Visitax. Even if you are heading to Cancun for your education, health or to visit your family, you have to pay the new tax. 

Is it possible to pay the Mexico Visitax once in Cancun?

Tourists can pay the Visitax whenever they want; whether it is before the departure, once at the arrival or before leaving Cancun. The first two options are possible online, whereas the third one is available at the Cancun airport.
However, it is highly recommended to pay your Visitax online in order to avoid long lines at the airport. This helps you not to miss your flight by the way; as it is possible to pay with your credit card or through PayPal online.