Used or new tyres: which one to choose?

Tyres are the essential tools for a car to run. So, sometimes, when a car breaks down, you are faced with a dilemma in choosing between a used or new tyre. Although each of these tyres has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is best to think carefully before choosing the best one. To that end, this article presents a comparative study between these two tyres.

Advantages and disadvantages of used tyres

Used tyres are advantageous even though they have already been used once by a car. Among these advantages, we can mention the lower price of these tyres. Obviously, the price of a used tyre is between 25 and 60 euros, whereas a new tyre is sold for between 100 and 200 euros. With the lower price of a used tyre, you can save a little money.

There is also the ecological advantage of second-hand tyres. Often, used tyres pollute landfills some time before they are recycled. The advantage is that when these tyres are used as second-hand tyres, the landfills are less polluted.

In addition to the advantages of these tyres, they have some disadvantages. The first one is related to their lack of warranty. Also, these tyres are not reliable. Further, it should be noted that these tyres are the cause of many traffic accidents.

Advantages and disadvantages of new tyres

As you know, a new tyre has several advantages. Firstly, in terms of safety, they are great because of their tread depth. They are safer and offer a very good warranty. These tyres can be used for a long time.

Although these new tyres are advantageous, there are a few drawbacks. First of all, there is the selling price of these used tyres. Sometimes they are difficult for families on a tight budget to buy.

In short, after this comparative study, the choice between a used or new tyre is up to you. Before making your choice, you should consider your budget and expectations. You can also compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two tyres in order to make a better choice.