Tips for choosing the best laptop power adapter?

Also known as a laptop charger, a power adapter is a tool that is used to provide sufficient power to a laptop to keep it running for a long time and to charge the battery of the same laptop. So to provide good power to your laptop you need to considerably consider the power and size of the connector when choosing your charger. This article also helps you find a good universal charger for your computer tool. 

Check the power of the power adapter

You can choose your power adapter by taking into account its power.  The power of a power adapter is expressed in watts. This is also the case with an adapter for lenovo ideapad 100. The power of a power adapter is actually the optimal energy that the adapter or charger can supply to the laptop.  The power of a power adapter is calculated as follows. Power of the power adapter in watts = voltage of the power adapter × amperage of the power adapter. Furthermore, the voltage value is expressed in V and the amperage value in A

The size of the connector is also an essential point to consider when choosing a charger. It is a question of the internal and external diameter of the connector. A 5.5-1.7 connector, for example, has an outer diameter of 5.5 mm and an inner diameter of 1.7 mm. In fact the size of the connector must be compatible with your computer.

Can I use a universal charger for my laptop?

Laptops can work with universal chargers and their use is not discouraged. However, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing a universal charger.  Firstly, you should consider a charger with a minimum power rating of 90w. These chargers are adaptable to many computers that are frequently used nowadays. 

For safety reasons, you may want to consider higher quality chargers (40€ or more) as the voltage selector and removable tips on 90w chargers can compromise their safety.  However, you should know that these chargers are perfectly suited to the needs of your laptop.