Business signage: which lighting to choose?

Signs are one of the most reliable ways to promote your business. Therefore, in order for these signs to be presentable, it is important to choose the right lighting. Since there are several types of lighting, it is sometimes difficult to choose the ideal lighting. What to choose between LED and Neon lighting? Find more tips in this article, and you will be more wise.

The different types of lighting that exist

There are two types of sign lighting. The first type is neon lighting and the second type is LED lighting. Each type of lighting has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Neon signs: advantages and disadvantages

Neon signs are adaptable to any surface. They offer 360ยบ illumination. Neon signs come in a variety of colour palettes that provide uniform and very powerful lighting. One of the main advantages of these neon signs is their durability. They can last up to 7 years, even if they are left on 24 hours a day. If you have bars or a restaurant, this is the type of sign you need.

As for the disadvantages of these signs, their installation is very difficult. Also, it has very fragile devices and is energy consuming. These neon signs are also very expensive.

LED signs: advantages and disadvantages

LED signs come in two types. The first type is programmable and the second type is decorative. Both types of lighting are very advantageous. Firstly, they are economical and durable. It has a life span of 100,000 hours. These signs do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation. They are also easy to recycle and are shock resistant. When installed, these LED signs are resistant to temperature changes.

As far as the shortcomings of these LED lights are concerned, they are very expensive and offer a very small light angle.