Burglar-proof glass: advantages and disadvantages

Keeping homes safe is one of the issues that many people are concerned about because of the ever-increasing burglary rate. To this end, many people are looking for various solutions, including the installation of burglar-resistant glass. Although these security tools are advantageous, they also have some drawbacks. This article informs you about the pros and cons of these glasses.

What is your burglar resistant glass?

Burglar-proof glass is glass that makes it difficult for a burglar to enter a room. Very different from vandal resistant glass, burglar resistant glass is used to discourage burglars.

Some advantages of burglar-resistant glass

Of course, burglar-resistant glass is our security ally. They are very advantageous when installed. Ensuring the security of rooms is the first and foremost advantage. Thanks to their high pressure resistance, it is very difficult for a thief to break it. The glass is even fire resistant.

Another advantage is the high quality thermal insulation provided by this glass. When you install these burglar-proof glasses, they help to maintain the temperature inside your room. It also insulates you from outside noise. This is one of the glasses you should use if you live near a major thoroughfare.

Some shortcomings of burglar-resistant glass

In addition to the advantages of these glasses, there are also some shortcomings. Firstly, because of the impact resistance of these glasses, it is sometimes difficult for firefighters to save victims in the event of a fire. Further, the installation of this glass is very expensive and too heavy. Because of its mass, its installation requires physical strength from professionals.

How to choose burglar-resistant glass

There are a number of criteria you should consider when choosing burglar resistant glass. These criteria include the price and the level of resistance of the glass. It is best to consult a glass professional when choosing a burglar resistant glass. Do you know that choosing your glass carefully will help you enough? Know that now and make sure you choose the right glass to get the most out of it.